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Hey hey! I am Brit Lashae, and I teach women how to release and write their stories through book writing and self publishing.  I promised God that once I learned how to heal inwardly I would help other women with their inner healing journey, and to be quite honest I didn't think I would be doing that through book writing and self publishing 😅, so here I am!  Take a look around the site and if you have any questions, please use the contact form to submit! 
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"Thank you so much for the Triggers exercise because it made me realize alot about me not wanting to be lonely. Identifying where the core of the issue laid, it help me to start to really do some self reflections and know that "I am ok"! I have been really struggling with healing and coming to peace with being alone and being happy with myself, until I received your affirmations! They really help me on days when I just be questioning why I am feeling this way? And they just give me life and push on a good day! Thank you so much! "

~ Melody

"I love her although I don't know her personally or ever met her. Her spirit is very welcoming. We where in a Facebook group together and thats how I began to follow her. She's a very inspiring and inspirational women. Hopefully I can work with her and meet her in person. I'm is quite sure she will be the same as she is on Instagram. Blessings to her and her business always. She's defiantly in the right field. Ps low-key she's my mentor in my head. "

Mary Kitchings

"Brit Lashae became my mentor in August of 2018. She has not only inspired me to go after my dreams as a business woman, but has also helped me step by step in launching my own brand. She embodies what it means to truly support other women. She is always a phone call or text away. I can always count on her giving me advice with honesty and from a place of love. God definitely blessed me with her at the right time. I will FOREVER be grateful for the leadership and commitment she has not only shown to me, but to every woman that follows her and her BnPowered movement. She has set the tone for what Queens supporting Queens truly means. I pray that whoever comes into contact with her is as blessed to have her as a mentor as I was. Thank you for all you do Brit Lashae. I continue to blossom into my purpose because of you Queen. "


"Hey Ms. Brit Lashae, Just wanted to thank you for allowing the lord to use your gifts and spreading positivity into the world. You really help and inspire a lot of people (including myself) and I truly appreciate it. I continue to pray for your success and hope you have a great holiday weekend. Much love always. "

Sam Poetry.

"Heyyy Brit!! I just want to say thank for what you’re doing! It’s obvious that I’m not the only one who NEEDS these positive affirmations! You’re such a blessing and I pray that God continues to use you!! It’s Spiritual Warfare and I need alllllllll my tools for this!! Kind Regards "


"Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I don’t think you realize how much your words have impacted my thought process this morning in a positive way. I’m getting rid of negative thoughts and unhealthy relationships. I really needed to hear that. Thank you truly. I hope you have a productive week. "

~ K. Nicole

"Hey Brit, God is so good and true. He’s always sending a ram in the bush (YOU) when I’m going through no lie. I said some things today, this morning out of my mouth and here you come with this email telling me to affirm basically positive & good things!! So again as always thank you SOOOO much. For opening up my eye at the moment when they are closed. "

~ Mary

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FREE Triggers & Ticks Mini Guide & Worksheet!