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My Favorite Tools

Hey y'all hey!  It's Ms. Brit Lashae and I want to share some of my favorite tools that I use for my business and books!  Take a look and enjoy!

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My Amazon Store

Shop my favorite Books on Inner Healing, Faith, and Business.

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Kajabi hosts my website, email list, online academies, and products!  Try Kajabi for free for 28 days! Try the “28 Day Kajabi Hero Challenge," from idea to your first $1,000 online within 28 days. That’s the goal. 

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I love using Buzzsprout as my Podcast Platform!  Start your podcast today and let your voice be heard!  It's free to start and if you sign up for a paid plan you get a $20 Amazon Gift card!

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For business cards, stickers, postcards I love to use, use this link to get 25% off your first order!

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For boxes and mailers, PackLane is definitely a winner, use this link to get $25 toward your first order!

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Sticker Mule

For Stickers, customer packaging, custom tape, Sticker Mule is amazing, use this link to get $10 toward your purchase!

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You are beautiful, strong, loved, favored, brilliant, brave, and courageous...

- Brit Lashae
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